Combined exposure under REACH

The Swedish Chemicals Inspection (KEMI) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands (I&W) will host two workshops that aim at exploring possible approaches to address exposure to unintended mixtures of chemicals via different exposure routes. The first of these workshops has taken take place in the afternoon of 5 March 2020 (open session with stakeholders), and the morning of 6 March 2020 (closed session, regulators only), in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The new European Commission 's Green Deal identifies cumulative and combined exposure as a policy gap that needs to be filled urgently. Development of policies to deal with combined exposure are seriously hindered by the absence of a common position on an approach that can be implemented in practice. Scientist is Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries have been exploring ways to address risks from combined exposure to substances under REACH.

The first workshop aimed at building a common understanding of a pragmatic approach for taking into account combined exposure within the REACH Regulation. During this closed session, concrete follow-up actions were identified that will result in a plan of action for implementation to be discussed at the second workshop in the autumn of 2020. A document that summarizes current insights in the issue and its possible regulatory management measures can be found here(externe link). The agenda and the workshop proceedings can be found here(externe link).

Chairman’s Report Workshop Combitox can be found here(externe link).